About us

Our experienced engineers and technicians design and construct optimized solutions for the successful  realization of your project, always using the latest technology. You get optimized solutions that meet all main goals for building construction: budget‐oriented, on time and of the highest standard in structural terms.

Fire Protection

The fire protection design takes into account the requirements of building regulations for the safety of people  and the prevention of fire. As experts we provide fire protection solutions for individual targets depending on  the individual project.

Senior Engineer Volker Nees is a nationally recognized expert on the audit of fire safety and will assist you,  using his many years of professional experience and special expertise, in the preparation and audit of any  legally required documents.

We create transparency among building regulations requirements and functional implementation. The creation  of a comprehensive and detailed fire protection strategy avoids insecurities in the execution. The earlier we are  involved in the design phase, the better we can assist you with optimized fire protection solutions.

Clear graphical representation by the goals of the implementation of fire safety is achieved through the  creation of (national‐) regulation‐compliant fire protection plans, escape plans and fire plans.

  • Fire protection strategies
  • Fire plans
  • Escape and rescue plans
  • Technical supervision of fire protection
  • Building Physics

Fire Simulation

More freedom ‐ with security

Whether new construction or conversion: modern architecture is characterized by increasingly complex  building structures. The subject of fire protection is based on regulations that are largely based on experience  with real fires and fire tests. In addition to this descriptive approach, computer simulations are now used. In  this way, the descriptive findings lead to conservative specifications in order to provide fire protection planners  with practicable and safe solutions.

Old goals ‐ new methods

With engineering methods in fire protection, however, new approaches are emerging to meet protection goals  under building law ‐ through concepts that are tailored to individual buildings and at the same time more  economical.

We use simulations for

  • Calculation of a possible fire development and smoke propagation in buildings
  • Calculation of fire effects on persons, components and structures
  • Assessment of the behavior of building materials in case of fire
  • Assessment of fire detection and firefighting as well as operational fire protection measures
  • Proof of low smoke escape routes or smoke layer limitation Authorization
  • Escape route special situations
  • Multi‐storey smoke stacks
  • Cost‐benefit optimization
  • Innovative smoke extraction technologies

Building Information Modeling

Dynamic networking

Everyone has everything in view ‐ even what is invisible. Building Information Modeling (BIM) makes it  possible. Because: all relevant building data is digitally recorded, combined and networked.

Quantum leap for all project partners

The planned design forms a precise 3D environment that develops dynamically and is centrally accessible. You  will get an improved quality of data, because all partners are going back to a common basis and are constantly  synchronized. For all parties involved, immediate and continuous availability of current and relevant  information is ensured. This is the ideal basis for modelling a building as well as project‐specific construction  process planning with optimal production control.

In this way, we improve the degree of cooperation and integration in project management to an  unprecedented level. And you benefit from this ‐ in terms of quality, timing and costs.

Professional Construction Management

The coordination of construction works together with the conformity verification of planning and  implementation are important tasks of the project manager. Quality, which is determined by planning and  control, can be checked on site. Our fire construction management takes care of these parts.

You want to implement your project planning on time and stress free? We take care of the realization of your  constructional project and oversee the implementation of approved plans for building instruction and the  generally accepted rules of technology. Site supervision and contract management as well as schedule and cost  planning, we can provide all of this for you.

The task of our fire protection management is to advise all those involved in planning with issues relating to fire  safety concepts and the control of a proper implementation of fire safety requirements. We support the implementation of works according to the design documents. Further we are the contact persons and  responsible for the planning department and a link to the local fire department. 

  • Consulting
  • Scheduling
  • Tendering
  • Project Supervision
  • Health & Safety Coordination

Health and safety coordination

Employees in the construction industry are, in comparison to other sectors of the economy, exposed to a  particularly high risk of accident and bad health. The construction site regulation and implementation of a  European Directive will therefore demand that a health & safety coordinator be appointed.

Our health & safety coordinators have acquired their knowledge in advanced training courses and all certified.  With this know‐how and social competence, we will work out health & safety plans (SiGe‐plan) and analyze all  plans during the design and construction phase in terms of safety and health risks. Avoiding crash and collapse  hazards is important here.

For all controls, we conduct regular safety inspections and monitor potential harmful deficiencies. By constantly  updating and adapting the plan documents and in close cooperation with the executing firms a high degree of  safety for all participants of a construction project will be provided.

  • Advice in the planning and execution phase
  • Documents for subsequent work
  • Develop and structure of protective measures for sources of danger
  • Safety inspections